Leonardo da Vinci

Upcoming Event:

Leonardo the Scientist–Artist

Sponsored by Humanities West in association with the Leonardo Da Vinci Society and the Italian Cultural Institute

Five centuries after his death, Leonardo Da Vinci is attracting more attention for his art, his science and his mechanical inventiveness than ever. Humanities West celebrates his continuing cultural contributions with an encore presentation of Leonardo’s Legacy, our February 2019 program, again featuring Martin Kemp, London’s leading Leonardo scholar, who will treat us this time to his latest research on Leonardo’s study of the science of optics and how that study influenced his artistic creations.

In addition, to demonstrate just how relevant Leonardo remains, Mario Taddei will join us from Milan to describe Leonardo’s influence on computer science, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Professor Taddei is the curator of an elaborate virtual reality exhibit of Leonardo’s art and scientific drawings from his codices, which features virtual art restorations and 3D versions of Leonardo’s inventions and mechanical designs.